Why should I add a Winch Switch Bracket Kit to my vehicle?

So you may be asking yourself - why should I add a Winch Switch Bracket Kit to my vehicle? Is it legit? Why is this so important?

We understand you may have questions - and we are more than happy to address them. 

Starting off, what exactly does this kit do?

  • This kit allows for a manual 12V+ disconnect on your winch via a BlueSeas 6006 operated switch. Traditionally, winches are installed straight to the battery! 

What are the specifications on the BlueSeas 6006 switch?

  • Ratings:
    • 300A @ continuous
    • 500A @ 5 minutes
    • 900A @ 30 seconds
  • Features: 
    • Ignition protected
    • Isolating cover with snap-on sections protects rear contacts
    • 2 switch positions - On/Off

    Why is installing my 12V+ winch lead directly to my battery a potential issue?

    • First, your winch is located in the very front of your vehicle! Hooking up your 12V+ lead directly to your battery means you have a constant/live source of power at the very front of your vehicle that could short in the event of a front end impact, potentially causing a fire!
    • Second, this switch will allow you to negate any potential parasitic draws that your winch may exhibit.

    Why not just add a fuse to my 12V+ winch lead?

    • While this is certainly an option, fuses aren't as reliable AND to find the properly rated fuse for the max draw of your winch could be pricey! 

    Do you have an example of a winches max amp draw that lead you to select the BlueSea 6006 switch?

    • Sure thing! For this example, we'll reference the Smittybilt X2O 10,000lb winch. The table below is directly from the manufacturer: 
    • The max amp draw for this particular winch is 380A at 10,000lbs. If one were to ever be in a scenario that required that pull, they would have to be winching constantly for 5 minutes for there to begin to be any potential issues.